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Wilmington Trust Home Fast cash Cash Advance Car loan without down payment Which is better What to do
Wilmington Trust Home Fast cash Cash Advance Car loan without down payment Which is better What to do
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What are the features of cash advance near me

The difference between cash advance online and prepayment lies in the ability to determine for what exactly the buyer paid the money to the seller. This nuance affects the choice of the cash receipt attribute “sign of the settlement method”.

If it is possible to count the number of goods (or services) for which money is paid, then this is an advance payment. For example, a client paid in advance for 5 visits to the gym or swimming pool. Each visit is tied to a date and time and has a fixed cost. So this is prepaid.

There are situations when it is impossible to clearly determine what exactly the money was received for. For example, the buyer entered into an agreement with the store for the purchase of kitchen furniture with built-in appliances, delivery and assembly. Under the contract, he paid 50% of the cost of the entire order. For what exactly is not clear. This means that merchant cash advance has been made.

If a list of goods, works or services can be determined during payment, then this is an advance payment. With an advance payment of 100%, we put down in the check “Full advance payment until the transfer of the subject of calculation”. If the prepayment is partial, then we break through "Partial prepayment until the transfer of goods or the provision of services."

If it is impossible to determine the list of goods, works or services to be transferred during payment, then an advance payment has been made. In the check we put down "Partial or full prepayment for goods or services."

Advance america cash advance

When the buyer has received what he paid for in advance, the seller knocks out a second check. It also uses the attribute "sign of the calculation method".

When applying for cash advance online or prepayment, in the column "sign of the method of payment" you should always indicate "full payment". If the amount of the final payment differs from the preliminary one, there will be problems with making additional payments in other ways. When issuing a check, the prepayment made is written off against the completed shipment.

Further, the check indicates that the payment was offset by an advance (prepayment), and not in cash or non-cash.

Cash advance in e-commerce

When trading via the Internet, there is a problem with the transfer of punched checks to the buyer. But there are no exceptions, work with the online cash register is carried out in the usual manner. You also need to hand over checks to the buyer twice.

A check for prepayment is sent to the client in electronic form, if there is a buyer's contact information, or a paper check is included in the parcel with the goods, if there is no data.

And when offsetting cash advance online, sellers have the right to send a CCP check to buyers only in electronic form, without issuing paper ones.

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