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Wilmington Trust Home Fast cash Cash Advance Car loan without down payment Which is better What to do
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Which is better, a car loan or a consumer loan for a car?

When buying a vehicle, many are faced with a shortage of funds. In this case, a bank loan may be a good solution.

The main differences between consumer and car loans

Consumer loans and car loans are completely different banking products. To profitably buy a vehicle, you must understand the differences between the first and second. Only then you will find out what is best to take - a consumer loan or a car loan.

Banks issue a consumer loan for the purchase of durable goods. Anything can be such a product: furniture, appliances and even a car.

A loan can be targeted and non-targeted. Target involves the allocation of funds for specific needs - for example, for the purchase of equipment. Purpose funds cannot be used for something else, say, furniture. You can take a targeted consumer loan to buy a car.

There is a fundamental difference in how car loans differ from consumer loans.

Strengths of a car loan:

Minimum interest rates. Due to targeted financing, the bank offers customers rates that in most Russian banks do not exceed 17–20% per annum. The consumer loan rate is usually 5–7% higher.

Down payment is 0-50%. If it is higher, the interest rate on the balance of the amount is reduced as much as possible.

If you participate in the state program, the question of which loan is more profitable - a car loan or a consumer loan, disappears. To participate in the state program, which involves a 10-25% discount on the cost of the car, it is necessary to take a car loan. In 2020, the discount will be 25% of the cost of the vehicle for the Far Eastern region and 10% for the rest of the regions.

Banks offer preferential car loan programs. These programs can be either an independent initiative of a financial institution, or the result of cooperation with salons. You can find out how best to buy a car on credit at any bank. Making a loan on favorable terms is also possible.

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